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Good product starts with good knowledge

That goes for the insights we build our products on, but just as much for the knowledge we apply on how to build those products to begin with.

We ourselves have felt the chaos and complexity that can come with working with technology products. Over the years, we’ve substituted that feeling with a set of tools and methodologies to bring order to the chaos. Along with a growing love for our field. This site is where we want to share those tools, and that love, with those who might be in need. 

Whether you are an intermediate PM, transitioning into product or are in a product-related role, you can count on us. We share the insights and tools that will make your life a little bit easier, day by day. In the future we will add on articles, templates and tools that will make your life in Product easier. And we do it for free. After all, we are all working on better products for a better tomorrow. And we don’t think it should cost a fortune to get better at that.

Who we are

We are a small team who all are active in product today. We have a broad experience crossing UX, Scrum, Business Development and Product Management. Both in specialist and leading roles.

In those roles we have worked on both software and hardware products of different complexities and for customers of all sizes; ranging from consumers, to energy utilities to some of the largest companies in the world

Want to get in touch?

We are always open to connecting on product matters